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The Other Me (2000)

When Will Browning is threatened with military summer school if he doesn't get better grades, he decides to do a science project that will definitely get an A. So he buys some Ocean Pups, unhatched sea creatures that will look spectacular, but he hasn't bargained for the cloning agent that the unscrupulous manufacturers have put in the kit. Next thing he knows there's another him.

The movie The Other Me, released in 2000, features 10 songs from artists like The Sha-Shees, Alexz Johnson, *NSYNC and KEF. What is your favorite song from The Other Me?


Songs from The Other Me

You Can Do It
The Sha-Shees
Crucial Part 2
Winners Circle
In the Stream
Everything (Feels Like New)
Alexz Johnson
Bringin' Da Noise
I Dream of You
Life Is A Party
Aaron Carter
Just Can't Wait
I Feel Strange
Maureen Steel

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