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There are 14+ artists using this name (more info on each below): 1. A contemporary Christian group from the USA 2. An electronic band from Japan 3. A post-rock band from Israel 4. A musical group from Sweden 5. A heavy metal band from The Netherlands 6. A nationalist rock band from the UK 7. A side project of Richie Zito 8. A trance musician from Belgium 9. A folk group from Germany 10. A metal band from the USA 11. A folk-rock band from '80s/90s Scotland Read more on

Avalon has 7 songs that have been featured in movies like Apocalypse, Left Behind, Wacko and Pendulum Swings. What is your favorite song by Avalon?


Songs from Avalon

Picture Perfect World
Hide My Soul
Rumour Has It
Messin' with My Baby
Catch Us If You Can
Orphans of God