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Bruce Dickinson

Paul Bruce Dickinson (born 7 August 1958) is an English singer and songwriter. He is known for his work as the lead singer of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden since 1981, and is renowned for his wide-ranging operatic vocal style and energetic stage presence. Dickinson began his career in music fronting small pub bands in the 1970s while attending school in Sheffield and university in London. In 1979, he joined British new wave heavy metal band Samson Read more on

Bruce Dickinson has 5 songs that have been featured in movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child, Bean, Bride of Chucky and Chemical Wedding. What is your favorite song by Bruce Dickinson?


Songs from Bruce Dickinson

Elected Mr. Bean And The Smear Campaign
Trumpets of Jericho
Chemical Wedding
Man of Sorrows