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Ethan Gold

Ethan Gold wrote a two-page story at age four called “The Dreammaker,” about a tiny miner who chiseled into people’s heads at night and placed visions and nightmares inside. As a self-taught composer, singer, songwriter, and performer on all the rock instruments, Ethan has been doing with music what his little miner did ever since, creating cathartic, deeply affecting songs with landscapes of sound and melodies that clutch to heart, written while dreaming or in the altered state of insomnia. Read more on

Ethan Gold has 10 songs that have been featured in movies like Cats and Mice, Desert Blue, The Quiet and Eight. What is your favorite song by Ethan Gold?


Songs from Ethan Gold

The Last Dive
The Party's Over
The Cold Glow
Our Love Is Beautiful
On Edge (Bunker Version)
Play Some Old Colossal
Pretty Girls
Sergeant Hospital

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