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Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant were a British progressive rock band founded in London, United Kingdom active between 1970 and 1980. The band was known for the complexity and sophistication of its music and for the varied musical skills of its members. All of the band members, except the first two drummers, were multi-instrumentalists. Although not commercially successful, they did achieve a cult following. The band's onetime stated aim was to "expand the frontiers of contemporary popular music at the risk of becoming very unpopular Read more on

Gentle Giant has 24 songs that have been featured in movies like GG at the GG and Giant on the Box. What is your favorite song by Gentle Giant?


Songs from Gentle Giant

Two Weeks in Spain
Free Hand
On Reflection
I'm Turning Around
Just the Same
Playing the Game
Memories of Old Days
Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It
Funny Ways
For Nobody
Mountain Time
Give It Back
I Lost My Head
Words from the Wise
Giant for a Day
Octopus Medley
The Runaway
Cogs in Cogs
Features from 'Octopus'
The Advent of Panurge
So Sincere

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