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Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World is an alternative rock band formed in Mesa, Arizona, United States, in 1993. The band is composed of lead guitarist/lead vocalist Jim Adkins, drummer Zach Lind, rhythm guitarist/vocalist Tom Linton, and bassist Rick Burch. Jimmy Eat World has released ten studio albums, the last nine featuring the current lineup. The four-piece's commercial breakthrough came with the successful release of several singles from the album Bleed American (2001). Read more on

Jimmy Eat World has 8 songs that have been featured in movies like A Cinderella Story, Out Cold, The Butterfly Effect and Global Frequency. What is your favorite song by Jimmy Eat World?


Songs from Jimmy Eat World

Hear You Me
My Sundown
The Middle
Goodbye Sky Harbor
Get It Faster
For Me This is Heaven
The Authority Song