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Joe Vasconcellos

José Manuel Yáñez Meira de Vasconcellos, known as Joe Vasconcellos, is a singer and composer born in Santiago, Chile on March 9, 1959, to a chilean mother and brazilian father. He developed a unique latin american fusion borne out of a life of traveling, dominated by latin and brazilian rhythms. Songs like Huellas and Hijo del Sol Luminoso (written while he played as part of the band Congreso) became hits from the beginning. In his eclecticism, his music still breathes from the roots of the local traditional chilean music. Read more on

Joe Vasconcellos was featured in the movie Taxi para tres.


Songs from Joe Vasconcellos

Volante o Maleta
La Chant?
Canci?n del Coto
Ciudad Traicionera