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The Minutemen were a punk rock trio which formed in 1980 in San Pedro, California, United States. The band comprised guitarist/vocalist D Boon and his childhood friend, bassist/vocalist Mike Watt, along with a former high school classmate on drums, George Hurley. The group played funk influenced punk rock music in the early 1980s, never finding (or even seeking) much mainstream success but influencing many subsequent musicians. The group ended when Boon died in an automobile accident in Arizona in December 1985. Read more on

Minutemen has 12 songs that have been featured in movies like A Matter of Degrees, Tuna, Jackass 3D and Jackass: The Movie. What is your favorite song by Minutemen?


Songs from Minutemen

The Anchor
History Lesson Part II
#1 Hit Song
This Ain't No Picnic
History Lesson Pt. 2
History Lesson Part II
Excerpt from 'Corona'
Do You Want New Wave (or Do You Want the Truth)
The Glory of Man
More Joy

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