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Phunk Junkeez

Phunk Junkeez is a rap/rapcore band from Phoenix, Arizona, that formed in 1991 and have established a strong underground following both in Arizona and nationwide. The band regularly tours the United States and Japan. Phunk Junkeez fuse a number of different styles in their music, from hardcore punk to trip-hop. Many of the band's early shows involved breaking into warehouses in the Phoenix area and performing to fans who were all told by word-of-mouth, attracting the attention of local police who threatened to throw the band in jail. Read more on

Phunk Junkeez has 4 songs that have been featured in movies like Disturbing Behavior, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and The Last Ride. What is your favorite song by Phunk Junkeez?


Songs from Phunk Junkeez

Million Rappers
Fall In Line
Same Ole Song
Move It

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