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There are seven artists with the name Thor: * Thor is the original rock warrior, and has been active since the 70's playing his unique brand of metal, developing a cult following around the world. Now in his late 50's Thor still actively tours bringing his rock and roll spectacle to new audiences every night. * Thor is a rock band from Chemnitz, Germany. * A Berkshire-based pop/psych outfit who recorded one acetate in the 60's. * Thor is the winner of the Belgium Eurosong for Kids 2006 with his song "Een tocht door het donker". Read more on

Thor has 4 songs that have been featured in movies like Fubar, Graveyard and Zombie Nightmare. What is your favorite song by Thor?


Songs from Thor

Deeper Shades
Fubar Is A Super Rocker
Walking in a Graveyard