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Tower of Power

Tower of Power is a horn-based funk/soul band from Oakland, California. In the mid-1960s, 17-year-old tenor saxophonist Emilio Castillo moved from Detroit, Michigan, to Fremont, California. He started a band called the Motowns, specializing in soul music. In 1968, Castillo teamed up with baritone saxophonist Stephen "The Funky Doctor" Kupka and trumpet/trombone player Mic Gillette, moved to Oakland, and began writing original material. They changed the band's name to Tower of Power and began playing frequently in the Bay Area. Read more on

Tower of Power has 6 songs that have been featured in movies like Arthur 2: On the Rocks, Cidade de Deus, Outside Providence and Semi-Pro. What is your favorite song by Tower of Power?


Songs from Tower of Power

So Very Hard to Go
What Is Hip?
You Got to Funkifize
I Like Your Style
Squib Cakes