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Awesome Movie (2013)

A group of friends and the insanity that occurs over the course of a summer. Tim is devastated after being dumped by his longtime girlfriend of two years. With the help of his animated friends; Mils (The Stoner), Chris (The Geek) and Dax (The Alpha Male), Tim will pursue a new relationship, learn more about himself, and continue on his path to becoming a man.

The movie Awesome Movie, released in 2013, features 15 songs from artists like Nicholas Kawaguchi, Vango, Black Stars and Forbidden Mission. What is your favorite song from Awesome Movie?


Songs from Awesome Movie

Dream Chaser
Nicholas Kawaguchi
A Day of Lovin' You
Black Stars
Relationship Ruins
Black Stars
Forbidden Mission
Midgets in the Trunk
Buddy Love
Eyes on You
Shark Tape
I'm Not Responsible
The Wayside Shakeup
Fighter Group
California Song
Robert McFarland
Sweet Bedroom Eyes
The Clinton Johnson Band
The Stars Are Aligned
Until the End of Time
One Match Left
Wake Up
One Match Left
The Tallest Building in Town
The Wayside Shakeup