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Forgetting the Girl (2012)

Kevin is obsessed with finding a girl who can help him forget his unpleasant past. However, all his encounters with the opposite sex inevitably go afoul. As the rejections mount, Kevin's futile search for happiness and love becomes overwhelmingly turbulent, forcing him to take desperate measures.

The movie Forgetting the Girl, released in 2012, features 19 songs from artists like VNV Nation, Black Sugar Transmission, Fatty Lumpkin and Resolution 15. What is your favorite song from Forgetting the Girl?


Songs from Forgetting the Girl

All I Need Is Your Love
VNV Nation
Gotta Be On Top of Me
Black Sugar Transmission
Fatty Lumpkin
Sufferers Rise
Resolution 15
True Romance
Fatty Lumpkin
No Happy Ending
Do Me A Favor
Fatty Lumpkin
Sick Love
Little Body & The Big Sound
There Goes My Girl
The Piano Creeps
Dead Is The New Alive (Manipulator Mix by Dope Stars Inc.)
The Ways We Try
Birdie Busch
Heloise and the Savoir Faire
All I Need Is Your Love
The Men
Song Noir
As I Crawl To You
Monster Eats The Pilot