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In the Shadow (2011)

Exhausted from the demands of his abilities as a healer, Diego lives in isolation on a small island in his native Puerto Rico. However, his quiet life is disrupted when Hilary, an American documentarian, arrives to continue her project on migration and identity. Attracted to Diego's mystery and the local gossip about him, she becomes close to him, but discovers his "talent" has a violent edge, one that brings painful consequences to both of them.

The movie In the Shadow, released in 2011, features 7 songs from artists like Bailengua, Michelle Brava, Tuna Bardos Universidad de Puerto Rico and WikiSound. What is your favorite song from In the Shadow?


Songs from In the Shadow

Hot Beef Injection
Qui?reme Como Soy
Michelle Brava
Night In San Juan
Tuna Bardos Universidad de Puerto Rico
No the Vayas
Michelle Brava
Potpuri Bazco

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