Songs from Movies

Le Skylab (2011)

It is 1979 and Albertine, 10, and all her family members have gathered in Brittany to celebrate the birthday of her grandmother. Everyone thinks that the Skylab space station from NASA will fall on their heads this summer. The meeting turns into a crazy weekend full of revelations, love and song.

The movie Le Skylab, released in 2011, features 9 songs from artists like Albert Delpy, Jeanne Moreau, the children of the film and Eric Elmosnino. What is your favorite song from Le Skylab?


Songs from Le Skylab

L'?t? indien
No?mie Lvovsky
La ballade des gens heureux
Albert Delpy
Daddy Cool
Ni trop t?t ni trop tard
Jeanne Moreau
Ne pleure pas Jeannette
the children of the film
Les anarchistes
Eric Elmosnino
Born To Be Alive
Alone Again (Naturally)