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Luther's Magic Weed (2011)

Craig, acid-dealing punk and aspiring chemist, pours a batch of failed speed on his brother Brock's marijuana, creating a drug that induces orgiastic funk parties. This makes Craig popular at school and allows Brock to exact revenge upon his emasculating ex-girlfriend, but it also damages Craig's budding relationship with a girl he may really like. Luther, a homicidal 70s-style drug kingpin, wants the formula, and comes to get it at GrooveTaco, the play-within-the-movie, an homage to lesbian assassin hookers written by Craig's psuedo-freudian drama teacher.

The movie Luther's Magic Weed, released in 2011, features 33 songs from artists like Alien Mike E.T., CrimsonFaced, Abby Cubey and The Alien Mike E.T.. What is your favorite song from Luther's Magic Weed?


Songs from Luther's Magic Weed

Waterbed Mermaid
I'm Ready
will we ever learn?
Let It Go
Cocked & Loaded
Wake N Bake
Leave It All
Mirror Or Our Soul
Parkway Queen
Reggae Worldwide
Exit 18
Give Something Back
Echelon Listening
Paid in Full
Alien Mike E.T.
Dub Dub
The Garden
Make A Fool Of Me
Dame Mas La Electricidad
Abby Cubey
City Under Water
I Like It
Get Up
Classic Dub
The Garden
Dame Mas La Electricidad
The Alien Mike E.T.
Parkway Queen
Dave Weise
Mirror Or My Soul
Parkway Queen
David Weise
Van Stone
2 in the Pink (1 in the Stink)
Van Stone
Cocked and Loaded
Van Stone