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Run & Jump (2013)

After a stroke leaves her husband disabled and fundamentally changed, a spirited Irish wife struggles to keep her family members together. All the while they are under the microscope of an American researcher documenting their recovery process.

The movie Run & Jump, released in 2013, features 16 songs from artists like The Magnetic Fields, Doctor Dunbar's Medicine Band, Jonathan Sanford and Jeffrey R. King , Robert J. Walsh. What is your favorite song from Run & Jump?


Songs from Run & Jump

The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing
The Magnetic Fields
Rock Your World
Doctor Dunbar's Medicine Band
Doogie Hauser
Jonathan Sanford
Cielito Lindo
Jeffrey R. King , Robert J. Walsh
Born Natty
Jonathan Sanford & Lauren Nagel
Brother Sparrow
Agnes Obel
You Know It
Wullowtree (av)
Laid Back
Uzi Mayer
Fall Guy
Takes 2 2 Tango
No Nextel
Jonathan Sanford & Lauren Nagel
Uzi Living
Uzi Mayer
Big Bird in a Small Cage
Patrick Watson
R?is?n Dubh
Yolanda Of Dhuinn
Das Buch Der Kl?ng/The Book of Sounds (Part 1)
Herbert Henck
Not Enough (Extended Edit)
Josh Fountain

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