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The Film-Maker's Son (2013)

The movie The Film-Maker's Son, released in 2013, features 8 songs from artists like Nutonic, Jamie Price, Blind Diviner and Sopranos Ruth Jenkins, and Elinor Rolfe Johnson. What is your favorite song from The Film-Maker's Son?

Songs from The Film-Maker's Son

Skin And Bone
Jamie Price
Kamikaze People
Blind Diviner
Let You Down
Gente, Gente-Le Nozzie di Figaro, Act 4, No.28
Sopranos Ruth Jenkins, and Elinor Rolfe Johnson
Concrete Jungles
Blind Diviner
Zeffiretti Iusinghieri, Idomeneo, Act 3, No.19
Soprano Ruth Jenkins

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