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Tomorrow You're Gone (2012)

Charlie Rankin, recently released from prison, seeks vengeance for his jail-house mentor William "The Buddha" Pettigrew. Along the way, he meets the ethereal, yet streetwise, Florence Jane. They embark on a unlikely road trip, careening towards an unlikely redemption and uncertain resolution.

The movie Tomorrow You're Gone, released in 2012, features 20 songs from artists like Screamin Jay Hawkins and the Chicken Hawks with Teddy McRae Orchestra, Theron Hale & Daughters, Big Jay McNeely and Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds. What is your favorite song from Tomorrow You're Gone?


Songs from Tomorrow You're Gone

I Hear Voices
Screamin Jay Hawkins and the Chicken Hawks with Teddy McRae Orchestra
Disco Beat
Take A Deep Breath
Listen to the Mocking Bird
Theron Hale & Daughters
There is Something on Your Mind
Big Jay McNeely
Ave Vernum Corpus (Traditional)
La Llarona
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
Little Celestial Poet
Circle X
In the Offing Slowly
Modal Rail Effect
I Had A Dream About You
Bright Lights
Dixie Dee with Wade Curtiss & The Rhythm Rockers
Andre Williams
Link Wray
No More Hot Dogs
Top Fuel
Agile, Mobile & Hostile
Andre Williams
I'm Not Worthy
Andre Williams with The Diplomats of Solid Sound

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