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A Kiss for Jed Wood (2010)

Nineteen year old Orla from Country Antrim wins 'Follow a Star' on the Irish national TV station. Her prize is a quest - to find C&W star Jed Wood, give him a kiss, and report on her adventure on the following week's show. Ray Timmons, a middle aged documentary cameraman, is the only person available to document her on her quest. Together they travel to New York, meet up with a jaded sound recordist, Mike, and set about chasing down Jed - arriving at film sets, recording studios, everywhere Jed is due to be. Their progress is followed by a couple of DJs on a local radio station. During the week the chase continues, their relationship changes, and they learn a lot about each other and bout pursuing their own dreams, before they return to face the music back home. Written by Anonymous (

The movie A Kiss for Jed Wood, released in 2010, features 24 songs from artists like Igor Yuzov and Oleg Bernov, The Balsa Wood Flyers and The Bolivian Traditional Players. What is your favorite song from A Kiss for Jed Wood?


Songs from A Kiss for Jed Wood

Walk on Part
Comfort in Silence
Shake Shake My Ceiling
You Can Make Sound
The Breeze
The Old Days
Send My Fond Regards To Lonelyville
I'm Beginning to Think You Prefer Beverley Hills 90210 to Me
Do You Karate?
Moscow Nights
Igor Yuzov and Oleg Bernov
The Hole In The Boat
Life Is Sweet
The Beautiful Untrue
June Last Year
Waiting For The Night To Come
Lakes Of Pontchartrain
The Balsa Wood Flyers
La Llama
The Bolivian Traditional Players
Darn That Dream
Have You Met Miss Jones
Mary in the Morning
Device of Desire (The Cocaine Eyes)
You + I and the Princely Thief