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A Ostra e o Vento (1997)

A young girl named Marcela lives with her dad, Jose, a lighthouse keeper, and old Daniel on an island. The only contact the girl has with the world outside her home is by a boat with four sailors that pays a visit to the island in order to take them supplies. Daniel, who not only protects her from her dad's strictness but also teaches her how to be literate, is her source of tenderness. Her dad thinks she should be away from the world - though she wishes she could spend a few days in town. Then one day, as she has her first period and becomes a woman, she starts feeling sexuality through the blowing wind, which she talks to.

The movie A Ostra e o Vento, released in 1997, features 10 songs from artists like Wagner Tiso. What is your favorite song from A Ostra e o Vento?


Songs from A Ostra e o Vento

A Ostra e o Vento (instrumental)
Wagner Tiso
Su?te Abertura
Su?te n? 2
Su?te n? 3
Su?te n? 4
Su?te n? 5
Su?te n? 6
Su?te n? 7
Su?te Final