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Across the Line (2000)

Across the Line (2000) is a truthful representation of both hope and corruption, focusing on critical events transpiring at America's border with Mexico and known both to those who live on the "line" (physical and metaphorical) and to those with the courage to cross it. Further it is a fine example of the filmmaker's art, featuring convincing portrayals underpinned by a convincing script and the directorial talent of Martin Spottl.

The movie Across the Line, released in 2000, features 7 songs from artists like The Charlie Daniels Band, Automatic Head Detonator, Iki Levi and Fran Banish and Bourbon Jones. What is your favorite song from Across the Line?


Songs from Across the Line

Across the Line
The Charlie Daniels Band
Border Blues
The Charlie Daniels Band
When Dreamers Fall In Love
The Charlie Daniels Band
The Siren Song
Automatic Head Detonator
Country Diner
Iki Levi and Fran Banish
Back Porch Blues
Iki Levi and Fran Banish
Anh Ah Ah
Bourbon Jones

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