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Across the Tracks (1991)

When Billy returns from reform school he has to attend a different high school at the other side of town. He tries to start with a clean slate but his old rival doesn't make it easy on him and his buddy Louie tries to make him go astray again. His brother Joe, quite the opposite of Billy, is a good runner and determined to win a track scholarship. He suggests Billy to join his school's track team, which pits the two brothers against each other.

The movie Across the Tracks, released in 1991, features 9 songs from artists like The Royal Court of China, SFS, Pam Stanley and Tiffanie Poston. What is your favorite song from Across the Tracks?


Songs from Across the Tracks

Runnin' Nowhere
The Royal Court of China
Where Do Nice Girls Go To Meet Men
Pam Stanley
Lunch Money
Tiffanie Poston
Juicy Lucy
Cold Shot produced by Mark T. Eisenstein, Russell Nathan Castillo & Gary Ferguson
Cold Shot
Won't Let Me Go
Tia Carrere
This is the Time