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Adventures of Power (2008)

In his quest to become the world's greatest air-drummer, a small-town dreamer must overcome obstacles and ridicule to save the day.

The movie Adventures of Power, released in 2008, features 13 songs from artists like Fatha GPS, Barak Marshall and Ethan Gold, Colosso and Yeaaarrrhhh. What is your favorite song from Adventures of Power?


Songs from Adventures of Power

Crib Hip Hop Mashup
Fatha GPS
Nahnu Wahad
Barak Marshall and Ethan Gold
Grunge Masterpiece
Show Tunes
Libby Larsen and Ethan Gold
Ecscape, Supposebly
Libby Larsen
Impossible Fantasy (Ballad)
Miranda Lee Richards and Ethan Gold
Tom Sawyer
In the Air Tonight
Phil Collins
Mr. Mister
Rot in Hell
Ethan Gold and Colossal
The Dance Floor
Ethan Gold and the Dare
The People Want Peas
Paul Boruff and Theresa Ellis