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American Strays (1996)

The desert can be a lonely place for the people who live there or for those who are traveling through. It is also the teller of different stories including the story of a traveling salesman whose only commodity is death and the story of a young man who finds that the death that he wishes for is difficult to find. Others are just traveling through, on their way to another place when they stop to eat at Red's Desert Oasis. The food may not be great, and the waitress may be surly, but those who stopped at Red's will find that they are involved in the showdown of their life.

The movie American Strays, released in 1996, features 15 songs from artists like The Robins, Steve Wilson, Tex Ritter and Michael Covert & John R. Graham. What is your favorite song from American Strays?


Songs from American Strays

Since I First Met You
The Robins
Cocktails With Joey
Phat Sedan
Trip-Hop Delight
When Will I Learn Not To Cry
Steve Wilson
When I Come
(I Got Spurs) Jingle Jangle Jingle
Tex Ritter
I've Got Texas
Oh, Baby
Michael Covert & John R. Graham
Danke Schoen
Wayne Newton
Psycho Hel Bitch
It's Only Make Believe
Glen Campbell
The Boulevard of Broken Dreams
The Naughty Ones
America The Beautiful
Jim Gilstrap