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Avalon (1990)

Avalon is the third in Levinson's semi-autobiographical series of four "Baltimore Films": Diner (1982), Tin Men (1987), Avalon (1990), and Liberty Heights (1999). The film is set in Baltimore in the early 1950s and explores the themes of Jewish assimilation into American life.

The movie Avalon, released in 1990, features 12 songs from artists like Al Jolson, Ray Noble and His Orchestra with Buddy Clark, Vaughn Monroe and Bing Crosby & Carol Richards. What is your favorite song from Avalon?


Songs from Avalon

Anniversary Song (1946)
Al Jolson
B?same Mucho (Kiss Me Much) (1940)
Broadway (1940)
Dance Ballerina Dance (1940)
Down on Pennsylvania Avenue (1928)
I Can't Get Started (1936)
If I Only Had a Match (1947)
Al Jolson
I'll Dance at Your Wedding (1947)
Ray Noble and His Orchestra with Buddy Clark
It's a Big Wide Wonderful World (1939)
Racing with the Moon (1941)
Vaughn Monroe
Silver Bells (1951)
Bing Crosby & Carol Richards
You Go to My Head (1938)

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