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Bail Enforcers (2011)

A group of down-on-their-luck bounty hunters hit the jackpot one night when they pick up an informant with a hundred thousand dollar bounty on his head. But their world is turned upside down when a mob boss offers them one million dollars in exchange for the informant. When they refuse, the mafia unleashes a trio of assassins on them who use all of their power to bring the bounty hunters down, and to get their man - dead or alive.

The movie Bail Enforcers, released in 2011, features 7 songs from artists like Norman Orenstein, Shannon Seyffert and Norman Orenstein and Betty Moon and Norman Orenstein. What is your favorite song from Bail Enforcers?


Songs from Bail Enforcers

Break and Enter
Norman Orenstein
Stale Doughnuts
Norman Orenstein
Money Talking
Norman Orenstein
Asia House
Norman Orenstein
It's Not Right
Shannon Seyffert and Norman Orenstein
Message From Buddha
Norman Orenstein
Mean Girl
Betty Moon and Norman Orenstein

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