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Big Stan (2007)

Rob Schneider writes and stars in this comedy about a nerdy con man whose swindling ways land him a stiff prison sentence. Terrified at the prospect of being raped in prison he enlists the aid of a mysterious kung-fu expert to teach him how to fight.

The movie Big Stan, released in 2007, features 18 songs from artists like Los Ninos de Sara, Ferrell Stowe, Derrick Gardner & The Jazz Prophets and Dixie Witch. What is your favorite song from Big Stan?


Songs from Big Stan

Los Ninos de Sara
La Cubanita
Los Ninos de Sara
Una Muchacha
Los Ninos de Sara
Wayfaring Stranger
Ferrell Stowe
Soul Talk
Derrick Gardner & The Jazz Prophets
What You Want
Dixie Witch
The Other Side
Halfway To Gone
Stephen Hampton & John Adair
You're the Best
Joe Esposito
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Next Door In Heaven
Ferrell Stowe
Harder To Stand
The Briggs
What You Want Nigga
Carroll County Blues
Ferrell Stowe
I Like Gangster Shit
Mariachi All Stars
Raw Power
Wayfaring Soul
Ryan Beveridge

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