Songs from Movies

Blue in the Face (1995)

Auggie runs a small tobacco shop in Brooklyn, New York. The whole neighborhood comes to visit him to buy cigarettes and have some small talk. During the movie Lou Reed tries to explain why he has to have a cut on his health insurance bill if he keeps smoking and Madonna acts as a Singing Telegram.

The movie Blue in the Face, released in 1995, features 32 songs from artists like David Byrne and Selena, Soul Coughing, La Casa and Marc Anthony and Kaz and Paula Cole. What is your favorite song from Blue in the Face?


Songs from Blue in the Face

Take Me Out To The Ballgame
God's Child
David Byrne and Selena
Soul Coughing
Mi Barrio
La Casa and Marc Anthony and Kaz
Suwannee Joe
Paula Cole
To My Ba-Bay
Spearhead and Zap Mama
Brooklyn Movements
Da Bush Babees
Why Can't We Be Friends
Geggy Tah
Let's Get Ready To Rhumba
John Lurie , Calvin Weston , Billy Martin
I Wish I Could Sing
Bongo Joe (George Coleman)
Happy Suicide
David Byrne and Vijaya Anand
Egg Cream
Lou Reed
Bam Chikee Chikee, Cham Chikee Chikee
Kishore Kumar
Brooklyn Boogie
Louis Prima
Lily's Blues
John Lurie , Calvin Weston , Billy Martin
Celia Cruz
Lovesick Blues
Victor Argo
El Negrito Del Batey
Victor Argo
South: Regression To Love
Astor Piazzolla
Subete No Hito No Kokoro Ni Hana O (Flowers For Your Heart)
Shoukichi Kina
Inside The Cigar Store
John Lurie , Calvin Weston , Billy Martin
Himene Tatou
The Tahitian Choir
My Little Drum Thing
Calvin Weston
Mel Gorman
Antoninho Travadinha
The Breeze And I
Juan Garc?a Esquivel
Dime A Dozen
Victor Argo
Haym Afen Range
Don Byron
Beyond The Realm
Ben Weisman
Jing Jing
Shoukichi Kina
Taka Taka-Ta
De Mais Ninguem
Marisa Monte