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Chiaroscuro (2010)

In a desolate place, a discovery by a mysterious entity sets in motion a chase through abstract space. As two organisms fight for the light amidst the darkness, their story reveals the always volatile nature of power.

The movie Chiaroscuro, released in 2010, features 7 songs from artists like Harpstring Productions, CinE-Music Studios, Greg Patmore and Simon Stockhausen. What is your favorite song from Chiaroscuro?


Songs from Chiaroscuro

Twinkle Twinkle Little Horror
Harpstring Productions
Rise of the Crazy One
CinE-Music Studios
More Demons
Greg Patmore
Strange Voices
Simon Stockhausen
Dramatic Orchestra Suspenseful Horror 1
Filmmusic Group
Area51: 60 Sec Suspenseful Backdrop
Andy LeMont
Craig McConnell

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