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Dad Savage (1998)

A wealthy, successful, East-Anglian tulip grower, Dad Savage is also something of a godfather in the local criminal fraternity but doesn't trust banks to take care of his money. On recommendation from his son, Sav, Dad hires two of Sav's unemployed school friends, Bob and Vic, to help with the business and the crime. After some careless talk from Harold, just known as 'H', about Dad's pension fund, Vic and Bob decide to steal the money from Dad if they can find it. The plans to liberate the money go awry and Sav is killed requiring Bob to call upon his sister Chris to rescue them. Dad intercepts their escape and forces a showdown to try to determine exactly the events of the night in order to identify his son's killer.

The movie Dad Savage, released in 1998, features 11 songs from artists like Patsy Cline, The Jam, Wilco and Al Dexter. What is your favorite song from Dad Savage?


Songs from Dad Savage

Home on the Range
Leavin' On Your Mind
Patsy Cline
Going Underground
The Jam
Forget the Flowers
My Careless Heart
Al Dexter
Hum Duma Doody I A
You Look So Good, You Gotta Be Bad
Barry Upton & Wild At Heart
Risky Business
Barry Upton & Wild At Heart
This Hour
Clint Bradley
Day is Done
Nick Drake