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Daymaker (2007)

(2022) Warren Wilson. A killer storm cycle in the Monashees. Adaptive backcountry riding like you’ve never seen before. The ultimate grass skiing run. Alaska (twice). Come along for the biggest days with the 73rd annual Warren Miller film, Daymaker. Then get ready for your own. Because there’s no better day than one out on the hill. We hit Snowmass for the biggest party of the winter, surprise a Warren Miller superfan at the base of Snowbasin, and take him skiing with Jonny Moseley and Marcus Caston. We follow one of Europe’s most legendary mountain guides, rewrite the rules of adaptive backcountry riding, and try to keep up with some of the most exciting young skiers and snowboarders on the planet. In the world today, the ground shifts constantly beneath our feet, and bearings are hard to come by. Warren Miller’s Daymaker will take you on a journey to peaks that replace the mountains in your mind with ones that free your mind.

The movie Daymaker, released in 2007, features 15 songs from artists like Alexander Hayes, solipsism, dUX and tha Radikal. What is your favorite song from Daymaker?


Songs from Daymaker

The End
Oh Janice
Alexander Hayes
Heading Home
monochrome Partie 01
Paul Masson
tha Radikal
Game Head
Gecko Food
Doc Deem
Stop the Rain
A Summer Place
Aubrey Vair & Diane Miller