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Dinner Rush (2000)

One unlucky evening, Louis Cropa, a part-time bookmaker, discovers that his restaurant has become a hotbed of conflicting characters. In addition to having to please a whiny food critic, Louis must fend off a hostile takeover from a pair of gangsters, to whom his sous-chef is in debt. Further, Louis has an argument with his son, the star chef, whose culinary creativity has brought success to the business.

The movie Dinner Rush, released in 2000, features 21 songs from artists like Damn!, Andrew Rosen (as Goat), Los Cubaztecas and Blue Plate Special. What is your favorite song from Dinner Rush?


Songs from Dinner Rush

Stinky Stinky Ashtray
Andrew Rosen (as Goat)
Los Cubaztecas
Night Out
Blue Plate Special
Gne Gne
Montefiori Cocktail
Bad Guys
Rhumba Club
Menina d'Agua
Los Gatos
Exodus Quartet
Los Cubaztecas
Mod Hipster
Daniel Stein
Rio Brasiliero
Los Cubaztecas
Tres Besitos
Los Cubaztecas
Work That Skirt
Blue Plate Special
Wack Wack
The Young Holt Trio
Lazy Busy
Montefiori Cocktail
Calendario Lunar
Kl?bi Nori (as Klebi)
Orbit Lounge
Another B
Montefiori Cocktail
Oh, What a Night
The Dells
Angel Coming Down
Nick Woodbridge