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Disconnected (1983)

Lovely young Alicia starts receiving bizarre and disturbing phone calls after breaking up with her boyfriend Mike who she suspects is cheating on her with her twin sister Barbara Ann. Alicia meets and befriends amiable, but awkward film nerd Franklin, who alas turns out to be a total psycho with a penchant for carving up nubile ladies. But is Franklin the nutter responsible for those distressing phone calls?

The movie Disconnected, released in 1983, features 7 songs from artists like Hunters & Collectors, XTC, Hayni Fantayzee and the Excerpts. What is your favorite song from Disconnected?


Songs from Disconnected

Talking to a Stranger
Hunters & Collectors
Scream Who
Hunters & Collectors
Complicated Game
Hayni Fantayzee
You Don't Love Me
the Excerpts
Death In Small Doses
the Excerpts
I Only Dream in Color
the Excerpts