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Epic Movie (2007)

When Edward, Peter, Lucy and Susan each follow their own path, they end up finding themselves at Willy's Chocolate factory. Walking through a wardrobe, they discover the world of Gnarnia, which is ruled by the White Bitch. Meeting up with characters such as Harry Potter and Captain Jack Swallows, the newly reunited family must team up with Aslo, a wise-but-horny lion to stop the white bitch's army

The movie Epic Movie, released in 2007, features 28 songs from artists like Survivor, Bubba Sparxxx, Foreigner and Afro Rican. What is your favorite song from Epic Movie?


Songs from Epic Movie

Eye of the Tiger
Ms. New Booty
Bubba Sparxxx
Funeral March
Fight Song
Waiting For A Girl Like You
Kung Fu Fighting
Afro Rican
Pick It Up
LP featuring Jose Fuego
Fire Fight
Lorcas Granada
Calamity Lane
Rodeo Spanish March
Rohaus Rosado
Wig Pops
Rosado March
Rohaus Rosado
Bring 4th Ya Booty
10 Sui & La Resistance featuring The Ragga Twins
Nelly Furtado featuring Tim Mosley (as Timbaland)
Be More Robotic
Lazy Pirate Day
Zach Danziger , Ali Dee and Chris Davis
My Block
Cham Pain
Don't Speak (I Came to Make a Bang!)
Eagles of Death Metal
The Whole World
Marcus Latief Scott
Art of War
SWJ featuring Sizzle C
For Sho'
D Note
Throw Your Cash Up
SWJ featuring Sizzle C
Let's Get Dirty
Tika Rainn
Question Everything
He's Willy
Bounce Dat Azz

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