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Everything Is Illuminated (2005)

A young Jewish American man endeavors—with the help of eccentric, distant relatives—to find the woman who saved his grandfather during World War II—in a Ukrainian village which was ultimately razed by the Nazis.

The movie Everything Is Illuminated, released in 2005, features 13 songs from artists like The Con Artists, Pete Miser, Gogol Bordello and Csokolom. What is your favorite song from Everything Is Illuminated?


Songs from Everything Is Illuminated

The Con Artists
Hittin' Bricks
The Con Artists
So Sensitive
Pete Miser
Gogol Bordello
The Star Spangled Banner
Gogol Bordello
Amari Szi, Amari
Zvezda Rok-n-rolla
Hello, Hello
Arkadi Severny
Malen'kiy Mal'chik
Dikiy Muzhchina
Cudna Zena
Kocani Orkestar
Fear of the South
Tin Hat Trio
Start Wearing Purple
Gogol Bordello

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