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Facing the Enemy (2001)

Griff McCleary is a cop, now his son shot himself with Griff's gun. A year later both he and his wife are still reeling from it. Griff feeling shut out by his wife Olivia, decides to move out. Now he is investigating what appears to be a murder-suicide. He believes that there was no suicide. His investigation leads him to a girl named Nikki.

The movie Facing the Enemy, released in 2001, features 6 songs from artists like Joanna Parker, Alex Johnson (BMI), T. Lavitz and John DeFaria. What is your favorite song from Facing the Enemy?


Songs from Facing the Enemy

Good Life
Joanna Parker
Zuppo DiGiorno
Alex Johnson (BMI)
Cheryl Ann
T. Lavitz
Bossa Minor
T. Lavitz
I've Had Enough
John DeFaria