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Fathers' Day (1997)

Smart aleck lawyer, Jack Lawrence is one day visited by an ex-girlfriend who tells him her child is his. Enter Dale Putley. A depressed goofball who is also a writer, Dale meets with the same ex-girlfriend who also tells him her child is his. One day Jack and Dale meet and discover they've been told the same story—and there is now a question of who the real father is. They learn their son is following a rock band around Sacramento, so Jack and Dale must use teamwork to find him—and then find out which one of them is the real father.

The movie Fathers' Day, released in 1997, features 15 songs from artists like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, Sly and the Family Stone and The Specials. What is your favorite song from Fathers' Day?


Songs from Fathers' Day

Put On A Happy Face
The Impression that I Get
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Young Boy
The World Tonight
I'll Never Be
Reel Big Fish
The Bottle Let Me Down
I Want to Take You Higher
Sly and the Family Stone
Speed Home California
Shall We Dance?
Ain't It Somethin
Simmer Down
The Specials
The Muffs
Where Only I Can Go
The Muffs
That Awful Man
The Muffs

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