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Films That Suck (1999)

Read Ridley's independent films acquired minor cult status in Europe. Intrigued, Rolling Stone Magazine Germany sends reporter Andy Morris to Nashville to do a cover story on Ridley and intends to break the indie film story before the mainstream media discovers him. In Nashville, Andy Morris discovers that Read Ridley is a hard man to track down. Nobody seems to know the guy or how to find him. Andy Morris rents some of Ridley's movies and is horrified to discover his movies in fact, suck, big time. smash.

The movie Films That Suck, released in 1999, features 12 songs from artists like Slaughter, The Distractions, Dharma Sons and B.E. Taylor. What is your favorite song from Films That Suck?


Songs from Films That Suck

American Pie
Get Back To California
The Distractions
Come On Everybody
Dharma Sons
This Time
B.E. Taylor
Ridin' With O'Hanlon
R.B. Morris
Hope Your Happy
Dharma Sons
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Wolf Hoffmann
I Have Decided
Pocket Change
Seen The Future
The Shapeshifters
Will Jones & Western Fringe
We Pray
Tombstone Trailerpark
Soundtrack Mastered by John Trevethan