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Finding Rin Tin Tin (2007)

The true story of the legendary German Shepherd who was found by American pilot Lee Duncun in France during World War I, and later became the most famous animal star in Hollywood history.

The movie Finding Rin Tin Tin, released in 2007, features 14 songs from artists like Virginie Pesch, Thaddeus Hillary and Michel LeBoward,Michel Laviehomme,and Etienne Edouard. What is your favorite song from Finding Rin Tin Tin?


Songs from Finding Rin Tin Tin

L'amour Passe Le Temps
Virginie Pesch
The Stars and Stripes
Bojangles Rag
Stars Shine on You
Maple Leaf Tack Piano
Thaddeus Hillary
Flowing Waters
Sickening Horns
J'aime Les Nuits
Virginie Pesch
He's Big, He's Bad, He's Angry
Hyperfast Rag
Bullfight Fanfare
La Bourre Marseillaise
Michel LeBoward,Michel Laviehomme,and Etienne Edouard
Post Trumpet Call

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