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Gaz Bar Blues (2003)

This is the story of Mr. Brochu, whose friends like to call "the Boss". He runs his gas station the best he can and tries to stay happy no matter what happens. This movie relates all the small tragedies surrounding the gaz bar, such as hold-ups, competition from the big companies invading the neighbourhood, and the fact that is sons don't seem to be interested in the gas station.

The movie Gaz Bar Blues, released in 2003, features 7 songs from artists like Pixies, Andy Just, Chris Whitley and Little Walter. What is your favorite song from Gaz Bar Blues?


Songs from Gaz Bar Blues

Where Is My Mind?
The Slam
Andy Just
Perfect Day
Chris Whitley
Sad Hours
Little Walter
Suite No 1 en Sol Majeur
If You Wanna Love Me