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Getting Wasted (1980)

An uptight military school gets a dose of hippie-infused rebellion when a group of students gather in support of the 1960s uprising going on around them. When a few students decide to bring the more liberal, artsy side of the revolution onto campus, they face opposition from much of the school's staff.

The movie Getting Wasted, released in 1980, features 23 songs from artists like The Modular Band, Tom Randall and Pepper Watkins. What is your favorite song from Getting Wasted?


Songs from Getting Wasted

Day Dream
The Letter
Hip Hug-Her
How Can I Be Sure
It's a Beautiful Morning
Mellow Yellow
Pushin' Too Hard
Psychotic Reaction
Eve of Destruction
Magic Carpet Ride
Monday, Monday
Higher and Higher
The Modular Band
Incense and Peppermints
The Modular Band
Piece of My Heart
The Modular Band
Somebody to Love
The Modular Band
White Rabbit
The Modular Band
96 Tears
The Modular Band
Soft Explosion
Tom Randall
For What It's Worth
Rock and Roll Woman
Mama's Home Cookin'
Pepper Watkins