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Gitano (2000)

Andres is a flamenco singer who has just gotten out of prison after being falsely convicted of the murder of Romero, a member of his band. As Andres tries to re-acclimate himself to freedom, he discovers things have not been going his way while he was up the river; his wife Lucia is having an affair with another man, while his bullying father Isidoro is obsessed with getting revenge against Don Manuel, who rules a local crime syndicate known as the Junco Family.

The movie Gitano, released in 2000, features 16 songs from artists like Abigail Marcet (as Abigail), Cherokee, Vicente Amigo and Antonio Carmona (as Antonio Carmona Amaya) and Chonchi Heredia (chorus). What is your favorite song from Gitano?


Songs from Gitano

Noches de bohemia
Navajita Plate?
Abigail Marcet (as Abigail)
Amandeli Rumba
Jos? Antonio Carmona "Pepe Habichuela"
Mu?vete salvaje
Az?car Moreno
Gitano de Luc?a
Vicente Amigo
Antonio Carmona (as Antonio Carmona Amaya) and Chonchi Heredia (chorus)
Give Me Your Love
Oro y plata
Abigail Marcet (as Abigail)
Juan Habichuela
Qu? bonito
Rosario Flores
Del amanecer
Jos? Merc? and Vicente Amigo
Destino a ning?n lugar
Los Losada
M?rame a los ojos (popular song)
Enrique Morente
La noche
Montse Cort?s

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