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Hana (2003)

Detective Nishi is relieved from a stakeout to visit his sick wife in hospital. He is informed that she is terminally ill, and is advised to take her home. During his visit, a suspect shoots one detective dead and leaves Nishi's partner, Horibe, paralyzed. Nishi leaves the police force to spend time with his wife at home, and must find a way to pay off his debts to the yakuza.

The movie Hana, released in 2003, features 7 songs from artists like Kaori Muraji and Yoshikazu Mera. What is your favorite song from Hana?


Songs from Hana

Wedding March
Sue?o en la floresta
Kaori Muraji
Julia Florida
Kaori Muraji
La Catedral
Kaori Muraji
Kaori Muraji
Kaori Muraji
Mune no furiko
Yoshikazu Mera

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