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Happiness Runs (2010)

The neglected child of parents living on a commune, Victor is helpless to resist the atmosphere of sex and drugs that permeates his world, but he's smart enough to know that if he is going to survive, he has to get out.

The movie Happiness Runs, released in 2010, features 13 songs from artists like Joy Division, Fear, The Avengers and Bad Brains. What is your favorite song from Happiness Runs?


Songs from Happiness Runs

Joy Division
Winter's Going
I Don't Care About You
We Are The One
The Avengers
At The Movies
Bad Brains
Celebrate The Bullet
The Selecter
UK Subs
Plant Up
Prince Far I And The Arabs
World Peace
Happy House
Siouxsie & The Banshees
Mother Liza Version
Fe Me Time All Stars
Make A Truce
Althea And Donna