Songs from Movies

Hollywood Whores (2011)

About struggling and wannabee artists and screen neurotics in Los Angeles. From studio executive to homeless actor in jut one blow. They compromise their identities, bodies and souls in search of their dreams and passions.

The movie Hollywood Whores, released in 2011, features 40 songs from artists like Kenneth Lampl and Robotanists. What is your favorite song from Hollywood Whores?


Songs from Hollywood Whores

I'm Sorry
Pachelbel Canon In D Major
The Devil's Ring Tone
Church Theme
Head To Love
Ikea Theme
Fallen Tear
Let's Get Free
Let's Go To Cali
Shut Shit Down
Back & Forth
I'm Grown
Neva Give Up
My Backyard Was A Mountain
You Need Better
The Watch House & Daughter
The Fuck You Bitch Song
The Second Chance Song
Don't Let Him Get Away
Do Do Mi So Mi Do Ti La So
Piano Improvisation
Let's Get Fresh
Sippin' Champagne
Bad Boys With Money
Purring Little Frogs
The Great Chicago Winter
3 A.M.
Prove Me Wrong Again
Green Leaves
Smashing Bottles
The Sun Is Above & Below
Temple Of Apollo
Wait A Minute Here
Getting By
Anywhere Else
Pachelbel Canon In D Major
Kenneth Lampl
Wait a Minute Here
1969 and Smashing Bottles