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Hooked (2003)

In this documentary that explores the phenomenon of online cruising, filmmakers take a closer look at the increasingly prevalent practice of going online to solicit sex and explores the potentially damaging effects that it may be having on gay culture as a whole. An increasingly popular practice that involves going online to arrange real-life sexual encounters between two gay men looking for no-frills sex, cruising has made finding a willing sexual partner as easy as logging on to the computer and engaging in a simple chat. In addition to discussing the popular sexual pass-time through revealing interviews with gay men across the country, filmmakers attempt to uncover the darker side of online cruising to reveal how, even after sexual gratification has been achieved, may gay me are left feeling more alone and isolated than ever.

The movie Hooked, released in 2003, features 17 songs from artists like Directions to My House, Genuine, Alice and Organic Chocolate. What is your favorite song from Hooked?


Songs from Hooked

I Want
Directions to My House
Lightware part 2
Wicked Game (Berlin remix)
2 Decades 2 Go
Lela Loves U
Stretch Marks
In Heat
Candy Nights
Mother Mary
Sound of My Crashing
Space Dock
Wandering Around, Lost
Feel Good
Trysting part 2
One Day at a Time
Organic Chocolate