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I Think I Love My Wife (2007)

Richard Cooper is a married man and father of two who is just plain bored with married life. Not getting any sex from his wife, he resorts to ogling random women on the street to the point that he takes lunch late to look at them. When old crush Nikki Tru visits his office to get a reference letter, she becomes obsessed with Cooper and they begin a complicated relationship.

The movie I Think I Love My Wife, released in 2007, features 32 songs from artists like Basko, Dynamedion, Dara Schindler and Transcenders feat. J7 DStar. What is your favorite song from I Think I Love My Wife?


Songs from I Think I Love My Wife

Ain't No Game
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Mare Nostrum
Dara Schindler
Y'all Know Me
Transcenders feat. J7 DStar
Country Livin' (The World I Know)
The Look of Love
Erica Canales
Song for Sanya
Brad Mersereau
After Midnight Bossa
Midnight Jazz
All Night Long
Chris Rock and Gina Torres
Don't Know Why I Love You
The Brand New Heavies
F the Cracker
Head Bangin'
Algiers Disco
Head Rush
Any Other Day
Could Be the One
Gussie Miller
Feeling Lucky
Brad Mersereau
Tired of You
Foo Fighters
Catchy Tune
Dig That Bass
The Seed 2.0
The Roots featuring Cody ChesnuTT
Just a Friend
Biz Markie
New Frontier
Canon in D
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Be Yo Daddy
King Juju
Marriage of Figaro
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
The Beat Is'
Channel Two
One Two Knockout
Transcenders feat. J7 DStar
Table Dance
Laffy Taffy
Down For Life (as D4L)
Gnarls Barkley