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In Debt We Trust (2006)

Emmy-winning journalist Danny Schechter investigates America's mounting debt crisis in this latest hard-hitting expose. The film reveals the unknown cabal of credit card companies, lobbyists, media conglomerates and the Bush administration itself who have colluded to deregulate the lending industry, ensuring that a culture of credit dependency can flourish. Schechter exposes the hidden financial and political complex that allows the lowest wage earners to indebt themselves so heavily that even house repossessions are commonplace.

The movie In Debt We Trust, released in 2006, features 11 songs from artists like Polarity/1, Audioplasm, Wil b. and Arlys Alford, David Kaufman and Mike Nelson. What is your favorite song from In Debt We Trust?


Songs from In Debt We Trust

Free Money (But You Have To Pay) V.1
Free Money (But You Have To Pay) V.2
The Marvin Stomp
I'm So Broke
Pa La Lucha
Ship Out The Clowns
In Debt We Trust Anthem
Wil b.
Plastic Fantastic
Arlys Alford, David Kaufman and Mike Nelson
It's Always Christmastime for Visa
the Austin Lounge Lizards