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La petite amie d'Antonio (1992)

It's a simple love story. Antonio likes Claudie. But Claudie is not so simple ... Claudie is a young woman who stumbles into reality. Little by little, we discover the life of her and those around her. Her friends, her family, her past ... And Antonio, who loves her and takes her by the hand and does not want to let go. He would certainly like to succeed in understanding her. And it's important to understand when you love. Claudie has her whole life in front of her, what is she afraid of?

The movie La petite amie d'Antonio, released in 1992, features 8 songs from artists like Grace Jones, Thom, Jenny Alpha and Deadly Weapons. What is your favorite song from La petite amie d'Antonio?


Songs from La petite amie d'Antonio

La vie en rose
Grace Jones
Douvant Pota Doudou
Jenny Alpha
Deadly Weapons
J'ai rate ma chanson d'amour
Sous-chef du rayon abat-jour
Chemins croises

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